5 Surprising Facts About Marble and Granite

  1. Granite is very strong! – In case you’re wondering how strong, it is one of the hardest elements on Earth! Normal activities will not be able to make a crack or chip on a Granite surface. However, Diamonds are stronger than Granite and they can cause damage, so, be careful!
  2. Granite is somewhat radioactive – It’s true. Granite is radioactive but don’t worry! There is nothing to fear because the level of radioactivity is very very low and will not cause any harm to users. It is totally safe and you can keep on preparing food and go on with all activities on your Granite surface.
  3. Marble has some other interesting uses – If you don’t know from before, this is going to surprise you! Marble is made into fine powder which is used for making plastic, glues and even toothpaste!
  4. Marble is hypoallergenic – Hypoallergenic means the substances or elements which is very less likely to cause allergic reactions. Many kinds of people have many kinds of allergies but Marble is a very safe option to use in household and other places in terms of allergy.
  5. Marble patterns are one of a kind – Every piece of Marble is unique. There can be no two pieces of Marble which are exactly 100% matching. Since it’s a metamorphic rock, it means that it has been formed by collecting mixtures of different kinds of stones like limestone and dolomite and over long years in intense pressure. This causes random changes in patterns that emerge in different Marbles and that’s why they’re unique.

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