Choosing between Marble and Granite for Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen is an exciting activity that revives and recreates the kitchen space and nothing beats Granite and Marble when it comes to this. Both of these natural stones are versatile in terms of look and functionality that often makes people confused which one to choose. Let’s have a look at how these stones are special, then you can figure out which one to choose.

Let’s have a look into the classifications of these natural stones. Marble is a natural stone which is a type of metamorphic rock while Granite is a type of igneous rock. When carbon filled rocks underneath the earth’s soil layers go through a process called metamorphosis with a lot of high temperature, then Marble is formed. Marble is composed of many materials like pyrite, clay, minerals, iron oxide, micas, quartz, and mainly calcite. Although Granite has a lower density compared to that of Marble, it is more sturdy. The materials which form Granite are mostly Quartz and minerals.

Why you should choose Granite?

  • Granite is sturdy and durable. It is highly scratch resistant and heat resistant.
  • Granite is a premium type of natural stone. The value of kitchens increase greatly when Granite is used as countertops and benchtops.
  • There is a lot of varieties of Granite available. Many different types of textures and hundreds of different colours make it a unique, good looking and durable piece of stone.

Why you should choose Marble?

  • Marble is a versatile type of natural stone which comes in many stunning colours and textures. From dazzling white to pitch black, you name it, the variety is there. Marble is the standard or benchmark in kitchen decoration and renovation for many people.
  • The veins in Marble is one-of-a-kind and no other stone offers such a vibrant range of veins, colours and textures which are instantly recognisable. No two pieces of Marble will have the same texture ever.
  • Marble is often considered as the most beautiful natural stone.


Granite is stronger than marble when it comes to durability and longevity. Granite can withstand years of toll, scratches and hits. While Marble is not as durable in comparison, it goes gives a very vivid and classic look with varied options that is unmatched by any stone, even Granite.

Function-wise, both Granite and Marble are capable of handling the kitchen duties as they come in treated to take the toll. You will find several types of finishes to suit your need. Form wise, they are a bit different and both have a lot of options to choose from. Depending on the look of the rest of the kitchen, you can adjust and go for your desired natural stone without any doubt that they’ll work just fine and serve you over the years.

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