Design Ideas: How to Think Outside the Box with Stone

Stones are wonderful when it comes to making designs with them and letting them enhance the visual of your home, both for interior and exterior. There are many design concepts and ideas using stones for your home and most of them are used for countertops, fireplaces and bathrooms. Today, we’re going to have a look at the other side of the picture, or ‘outside the box’.

Using stones as a visual guide

Stones come in different varieties of rich colors. They also have options to cut them to necessary sizes as well as varieties in texture and pattern. All of these can be effectively used to guide a person through your home, like a visual tour of the house through designs. The same Granite stone used in the kitchen can be used in the nearby wall of the living room to have a similarity and guide the eye to the living room next to it. In the same way, small to big chronologically bigger decorative shelves can be used in the entry way and the kitchen or living room may have curio-shelves with stone walls.


Most designs are made symmetrically to please the eyes, but ‘outside the box’ means breaking that pattern. The view from the living room couch normally shows the fireplace on the middle and TV on top of it with decorations equally places on both sides most of the time. Breaking that symmetry with diagonally places decorations or an arc shaped stone engraving or a lonely circle in the wall towards the corner will be sure to catch the eye and retain the beauty. This can also be used for hallway walls and bathroom vanities and basins.


Black Granite is a stunningly beautiful stone and it can be used for stairs and the arc bending wall in the space between two sets of stairs can be embellished with white limestones and marbles. This black and white contrast will surely be a visual to enjoy.

Lighting up with Onyx

Onyx is a wonderful stone which creates a very eye-catchy and splendid visual when lighting is properly used. Especially yellow Onyx with black stripes. These can be used as the bottom parts of in home small bar, the poolside benches and the living room edges if they have stone design setup. Onyx is clearly a winner when used with light.

Curio-shelves inside stone walls

Most curio-shelves are made of wood. But a hallway or corridor wall, designed with brick patterned limestone and engraved spaces filled with prizes, showpieces, souvenirs or decorative pieces with a smooth, cup-shaped interior will certainly catch the eye of the viewers. Add some lighting to it and the whole experience gets leveled up to a visually stunning setup.

These are just a few of the design ideas that are not usual or common and these can be utilized to enhance the look of your home. However, experimenting with light, different types of natural stones, placement, location and size is going to bring you interesting design ideas that you’ve never thought before.

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