Ideas for Your Kitchen Benchtops

Whether you are looking to replace your current kitchen benchtops because they are looking old and worn out, or you are about to build a new home with new kitchen, in this article we’ll look at some great options for those new kitchen countertops.

While many people over the years have opted for laminate, timber, metal or concrete, in this article we will focus on the beauty and benefits of using both natural stone or engineered stone for your kitchen countertops.

Natural Stone

Both marble stone and granite stone have been the natural stone of choice for decades now when it comes to kitchen benchtops. These two stones not only offer a wide variety of hues and textures, but they have always been synonymous with style and luxury. Marble and granite exude opulence, yet you don’t have to be wealthy to have these two beautiful natural stones adorning your kitchen.

If you think natural stone may be within your renovation budget, then definitely consider marble or granite kitchen countertops. They look a million dollars and really are not that expensive.

Engineered Stone

When engineered stone is used in the kitchen for your benchtops and splashbacks, the results can look just as stunning as natural stone. The true beauty of engineered stone is not just in its vast array of colours, patterns and styles, but also in its cost. It’s a cheaper alternative to marble and granite, yet still exudes class and style without breaking the budget. Common types of engineered stone include:

  • Silestone
  • Caesarstone
  • Smartstone
  • Essastone
  • Quantum Quartz

All of the above will achieve stunning results. It’s just as matter of which engineered stone best suits your taste and decor.

Stone Benchtops Are Timeless

Whether you choose natural stone like marble and granite, or opt for a cheaper engineered stone, kitchen countertops made of stone are not only classic and timeless like timber, but the results are truly amazing. Stone benchtops are durable as well, won’t easily stain and, if cared for properly, will stay looking great for decades. Stone benchtops may cost a little more than some alternatives, but over the long run they could actually save you money.

To check out the range of natural stone and engineered stone benchtops available for your kitchen, call Superior Marble and Granite on the Gold Coast and have a chat about your new kitchen. If you are after stone, then speak with the stone countertop experts.

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