The Latest Trends for Bathroom Tiles

As bathrooms tend to be predominantly made up of tiles – some even being from floor to ceiling, including the ceiling – it’s important to know what’s currently trending in the bathroom tile range if you are planning to renovate your bathroom or are building a new bathroom.

When done right, the bathroom can really become a feature room of the home, offering personal indulge and luxury. Beautiful tiles and patterns go a long way in adding to the overall appearance of this personal space.

Patterns Versus Predominantly White

In recent times the majority of bathrooms have been predominantly white.

  • White paint
  • White tiles
  • White sink and bathtub
  • Even white towels

Times are changing. These days, while white tiles will often still play a role, people are opting to break up a single dominant tile colour and are going for patterns more and more. Dark colours, or colours that are bright and really stand out, are being used to infuse a more interesting look. Whether you opt for ceramic tiles or stone tiles to form the patterns, when done right it really can make the bathroom look a million dollars.

Tiles of a Large Format

Trends are going in the direction of larger tiles at the moment, and this trend looks likely to continue for years to come. For one, with much larger tiles there is less grout to deal with. And we all know grout can be a pain when cleaning the bathroom. Laying time is quicker, meaning savings on labour costs. These larger format tiles also tend to give the bathroom a different appearance from the norm, almost looking like the floors and walls are solid, rather than being broken up by so much grout.

Marble and Granite Add a Touch of Class

Marble and granite will always have its place, no matter what the current trends. Marble stone and granite tiles are timeless and classic, and the results are always stunning. With these two natural stones coming in a variety of hues and designs, the new “pattern” trend, as discussed above, can really be brought to life utilising marble or granite tiles.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a little more budget-friendly than natural stone, but the results can look just as stunning. Made up mostly of quartz, the many varieties of engineered stone come in a range of colours that covers the full spectrum. Even the most luxurious bathroom will be done justice with quality engineered stone.

Speak to the Bathroom Tile Experts

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