Marble VS Granite: Which is the right choice for your home?

You may be wondering whether to go with Marble or Granite. To be honest, both of these natural stones are just excellent for decorating your home and adding some flair. To help you get a better idea and guide you towards making the right choice, here are some details about both of these stones.


Marble is mostly available in the colors of white, grey or cream. Usually one of these colors is solid and it looks like another color has been painted over it, more like a color vein through another color. On rare cases, pink or pale green colored marbles are also found. Marble is porous, which means it absorbs any liquid spilt over it. Dark colored marbles absorb more than the light colored ones in comparison. Sealant should be used and the surface should be immediately cleaned in case of liquid spill to prevent further damage. Since Marble is softer than Granite, it is usually used in spaces where it is less used or comes across less intervention. As it is lighter in color, it is used to enhance beauty and reflect light and highly used in bathrooms, shower walls, and flooring. Prices of these two types of stone are very much similar, while some rare marbles are more expensive because of its rarity.


Granite is a strong and hard type of natural stone. It looks grainy and multicolored, owing to the different types of fine molten stone particles. This brings out some interesting and eye-catchy shades and tones in it. Like Marble, Granite is also porous, which means it absorbs liquid and should be wiped clean in case of spills as soon as possible. Using sealants properly will prevent staining and cracking around the edges and this will increase durability. This stone is mostly known for its sturdiness and that’s why it is used as countertops and in places where it is likely to get more traffic. As it comes in many different kinds of color combinations, there is more option to choose and decorate your home to fit your expected outlook. While Marble is optimum for elegance and decoration, Granite is more suitable for places for regular use and durability. As mentioned before, Granite prices are very similar to Marble except for some rare types.

Flair or foundation, whichever your priority is, these two natural stones are absolutely gorgeous when it comes to decorating your home and hopefully this discussion will help you to make the right choice for your home.

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