Quartz and Marble Are Growing Kitchen Trends

Quartz and marble stone are setting the current trends when it comes to the preferred material to use for Australian kitchen benchtops. While materials such as laminate, timber and granite are still very popular, there has been a distinct rise in the number of new and renovated homes using either a natural stone such as marble, or engineered stone predominantly made up of quartz in all its varieties.

Why Marble Stone?

For starters, marble is stunning. It’s a natural stone and that holds a lot of appeal to many people. Marble also comes in very unique patterns and styles, as well as some truly amazing colours. In fact, some marble stone can make your kitchen benchtops appear to be made out of gemstones.

While not as durable as its popular counterpart, granite stone, marble is still quite hardy when manufactured the right way and looked after with a little TLC. It’s not cheap, but in the right home for those who have the budget for it, marble in the kitchen is a real showpiece, and something to be proud of.

The Rise of Engineered Stone

A more budget-friendly alternative to a natural stone like marble is engineered stone. The results can be equally as stunning, despite these benchtops being made from a manufactured stone. The common varieties of engineered stone include:

  • Silestone
  • Caesarstone
  • Smartstone
  • Essastone
  • Quantum Quartz

Essentially, engineered stone is made up of mostly quartz, combined with a clear resin to hold it all together. As quartz comes in some many different colours and styles, the range of manufactured stone on the market is truly amazing.

While being a cheaper alternative to natural stone, engineered stone is highly durable and very low maintenance, making it perfect for high quality and gorgeous looking kitchen countertops.

At Superior Marble and Granite in Nerang on the Gold Coast, we specialise in both natural stone such as marble and granite, as well as offering a diverse range of engineered stone to our clients. We not only supply the stone for your kitchen benchtops, we also manufacture them to custom fit your kitchen and professionally install them. We can handle all your stone kitchen benchtops from start to finish. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

Give us a call for a friendly chat and to arrange a meeting so we can show you just how stunning and remarkable your kitchen can truly look with natural stone and engineered stone countertops from Superior Marble and Granite.

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