Why Sell When You Can Renovate

If your current home feels like it’s looking a bit the worse for wear, is looking dated, or perhaps isn’t serving the purpose you need it to, it can be tempting to sell up and find a new home that’s more to your liking.

However, selling up and moving isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to remain in your current home and update or extend with home renovations and additions.

When you decide to sell you are setting yourself up for quite a lot of hassle as well as expense. You first need to list with an agent and hope your home sells in a decent timeframe for the price you want. If you plan to then buy a newer or bigger home, it’s likely going to cost more than the sum you just received from selling your current property, so you will need to increase your debt. Once your house is sold, generally you’ll have 30 days to buy a new one, pack up and move all of your stuff. More hassle and expense.

Consider Renovating Over Moving

If space is a problem, there are plenty of builders in the local area who specialise in home additions and granny flats, so it’s not an issue adding some extra room.

If the home’s interior is getting you down, sometimes just a fresh coat of paint, updating the flooring, or even changing out some of the furniture can really breathe new life into your home.

Two rooms in the home that date and get worn out rather quickly are the bathroom and the kitchen. Perhaps renovating these two rooms is all that’s needed to brighten the whole place up and modernise it.

Even simply replacing the kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanity tops can make a huge difference to how everything looks. Kitchen countertops especially can look old and worn out because they suffer so much use and abuse.

Natural stone countertops or engineered stone are great replacement alternatives. Not only do stone countertops look fantastic, they are durable and long-lasting as well. Also, they tend to be timeless and don’t look out of date.

If you would like to rejuvenate your kitchen and bathroom with stone benchtops, vanity tops or even stone tiles, then chat with the expert and friendly staff at Superior Marble and Granite. We are based just off the M1 in Nerang on the Gold Coast.

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