Tips for choosing the best Kitchen backsplash

One of the most challenging yet fulfilling part of home decoration is the kitchen. This is the place where you are likely to spend most of your time. That’s why it should be given more attention in terms of design, form and function. The most visual part of the kitchen is the backsplash. Depending on the design theme and pattern in the other sections of the home, the options for choosing a suitable backsplash are many. Here are some tips which will help you to choose the best kitchen backsplash.

Match, contrast and accent colours

One of the more common strategies of choosing a colour for your backsplash is to match it with the countertop or the main wall colour of the home. Also, the inverse is also applied by contrasting the backsplash colour with the countertop in the sink space. There will be one main colour and don’t forget to put in some accent colours to accentuate the space and not make it look monotonous.

Consider Your Countertops

Backsplashes begin right from the border of the countertops, that’s why it is important to complement it so they fit and look well together. If the countertop is a colourful one, then the backsplash should be of a neutral colour to create a contrast. Pattern based tiles can also be placed to create a dramatic effect. The vice versa is applicable.

Make it more roomy

When the same backsplash design is incorporated around the entire space of kitchen, it creates a visual impression of the room being larger. That’s how you can visually enlarge the room.

Use Natural Stones

Natural stone backsplashes are beautiful. They look amazing from afar and gives your kitchen a natural and earthy vibe. Honed finishes over the kitchen sink, natural rugged surface with large stone blocks between the rangehood and cooking stoves – there are many options. Granites and Marbles work marvellously for countertops and are equally good for backsplashes as well. The appeal for natural stone designs are universal and they have this unique characteristics of no two stones being same. don’t eat up much of your budget while providing plenty of options to choose from. They just need a bit of extra care for cleaning and handling the moisture factor but the pros weigh out the cons.

Backsplashes are a very visually striking part of any kitchen, and there are a lot of options to choose from so don’t haste unnecessarily and take your time. You’ll be amazed at how good things turn out with a bit of attention. Just follow these tips and you’ll end up with a great looking kitchen backsplash.

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