What is Engineered Stone? Why Your Home Should Have It!

Of all the things and processes that can be engineered, you are probably thinking how can stone be one of them? It is in fact, one of the most spectacular types of stone there can be. It is made by just how its name implies, engineering. In the interior decoration and stone industry, this is more known as Quartz.

Engineered stones look just like natural stones, but their internal properties are different. The color and texture is very attractive and quite similar to marble and granite. Some people like the more random and unpredictable pattern and texture of the natural stones while others are fond of the uniformity they can bring to the look of their home interior.

The way engineered stone is made is quite interesting. It is not made of pure granite, sandstone or marble particles rather a highly compressed output of different types of quartz crystals. Most of the times this is done by binding them together with the help of resin. The output stone can be tailored to fit the needs of the client.

Since it’s engineered, the strength and durability of these stones is very high. They’re highly heat resistant, less prone to heat marks, scratches, cracks and dents. Unlike natural stones, these are less porous and do not absorb much water. This makes it less likely to get stained and easier to clean.

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