What type of natural stone finish do you need?


Natural stones are excellent for decorating your home and setting a splendid interior. The best part is that natural stone offers a wide range of varieties to choose from. Depending on the functional requirement and desired look, there are a lot of natural stone finishes. Let’s have a look at the different types of natural stone finishes and which type is suitable for which need.

  • Riven finish – This is a sub-type of natural finish stones. Riven finishes retain the natural texture and cut line. The block of stone is split along its natural cleavage line. As in, the original border line of the stone during deriving is kept to keep the natural look and feel intact while making it suitable to fit in home. Due to keeping the naturalness, the thickness of the pieces of stones are not uniform. This is best fitted for outdoors, entrance or patio.
  • Sawn finish – When natural stones are cut by using a head saw or block cutter, it becomes sawn finish. This is mainly done for exteriors like walls, patios, and walkway or entry gates. Granite is a good choice for sawn finish and darker coloured ones gives a good contrasting effect when placed outside.
  • Acid wash – Natural stones look can be changed to bring a desired hue or appearance through acid wash which is a type of chemical finishing. The type of acid and the duration of its application bring out different kind of looks, mostly antique and wearing-off kind of vintage look is achieved in this way.
  • Honed finish – This is one of the more popular and sought after type of finish. This gives the natural stone a more smooth finish which doesn’t shine. It gives a matt impression, which is often liked by many, because its not shiny and reflect no to little light. Both Granite and Marble

are excellent for honed finishes and can withstand a lot of turmoil. This finish remains porous and careful sealing is necessary.

  • Brushed finished – Though brushed finish sounds like a soft finishing, but it is the opposite. A metal brush is used to scrape away the soft particles and bring out the rough part to the surface of the stone. This makes this type of rough stone ideal for gripping and being nonslippery. The look it gives is a bit of a worn-out one with antique vibes.
  • Flamed finish – Through this process, the finish is brought by heating the stone at very high temperatures, and then rapidly cooling it. This makes some of the particles in the stone pop and then the cooling effect makes the colours flourish with a reddish hue due to the flame grilling. This type of finish is suitable for stomping and Granites work great on this finish. The colours are more towards the reddish and golden hue and the flame finish has its signature touch.
  • Leather finish – Machines are used to bring this leather like look and finish which is done by flaming the stone first and then using abrasives on the surface. The result is a worn out look with a matt effect which is suitable for counter tops. Granite, especially Black granite stones look fabulous in this finish.
  • Polished finish – The most popular type of finish is the polished stone finish. It highlights the colour of the stone while processing through powders, bricks and abrasion leads to achieve a smooth to the touch finish, which is very shiny and polished. This type of stones reflect a lot of light and is ideal for countertops. One downside of this is that its slippery. This is ideal for both interior and exterior. Marbles and Granites both look excellent in polished finish.

These are just some of the types of finishes, more and more exciting and innovative finishes have come to the market. Just visit the market and tell what type of finish you’re looking for, you’ll be advised accordingly. Now, hybrid finishes which consists of combinations of different kind of finishes can be done. This enables you to get a bit of this with a bit of that and fulfil the type of finish you need.

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