What’s A Man Cave Without An Awesome Bar

The man cave.

Every guy would probably love to have one, is planning to get one or already enjoys the pleasures of his own masculine space; to either do his own thing or hang out with his mates. It could be located in a basement, built as an add on to the home, a garden shed, situated in the garage, or even a separate granny flat. Wherever the man cave happens to be, it needs an awesome bar to make it complete.

Most likely there will be a huge TV for watching the sport. Possibly half the space will be taken up with a pool table, and furniture to settle into when watching the latest footy game or the cricket. There will even be a beer fridge to keep those drinks cold.

But what will really make your man cave a cut above everyone else’s is to build a really cool bar. It doesn’t have to be a huge bar, just so long as there is a bar. Some shelves behind the bar can display the bottles of liquor just like you would see in a pub, along with ornaments and decorations that fit in with the bar or man cave theme. On the other side of the bar will be the customary bar stools.

What the bar itself is actually made out of is what will really make it cool and unique.

How about a bar made of stone? Not stone all the way through, but stone decorating both the countertop, the faces of the bar and possibly even the wall behind it.

Natural stone such as marble and granite make for fantastic looking bar benchtops. Not only do these stones look awesome, they are very tough as well. They don’t mark easily like timber, and they are also highly-resistant to staining, which makes natural stone perfect for a man cave bar top.

A cheaper alternative is to use an engineered stone such as Silestone or Quantum Quartz. While being easier on the budget, these manufactured stones don’t skimp on either quality or visual appeal. In fact, engineered stone comes in so many colours and pattern varieties that the hardest part about building your man cave bar will be which stone to actually choose.

At Superior Marble and Granite in Nerang on the Gold Coast, we can help you out with making that choice. Since 2003 we have been adorning Gold Coast homes with both natural stone and engineered stone for a variety of projects. Give us a call today about your man cave project and we’ll help bring it to life.

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